“Aviation Connectors.”

Connector devices offers you a wide range of GX series connectors, known as Aviation connectors, are now widely used in aviation, data acquisition systems, computer automation measurement, control systems etc. The most common GX aviation connectors are GX12 and GX16 connectors. GX aircraft connector adopts threaded connection, stable conductivity, and good waterproof function, initially used in the aviation field and now also used in the civil field. The number behind GX represents the size of the opening on the chassis. For example, the GX16 connector corresponds to the size of the opening of the chassis is 16mm.The specific pin numbers of GX connectors are 2pin, 3pin, 4pin, 5pin.

“D-Sub Connector.”

D-Sub Connectors are electrical connectors with two or more parallel rows of pins or sockets surrounded by a D-shaped metal shield that screens against some electromagnetic interference, provides mechanical support, and ensures correct orientation. D-sub connectors used in various applications in Telecommunications, Data, Consumer, Industrial, Military, Instrumentation and Medical arenas. Connector Devices offers a wide range of D-sub connectors of the best quality. We also offer accessories to complement our D- Sub connectors known as the hood, available in metal, plastic and chrome material, a dust cover for D sub connectors.

“Flat Cable.”

Connector Devices will provide to you Flat cables which allows for compact designs of electrical conductors and tubing, encasing power, signal, video, data and even pneumatic tubing in one flat profile. By eliminating the multiple layers of fillers, shielding and jacketing used in round cables, they offer reduced space and weight and extremely long lives. Ribbon cables are usually used as interconnects for internal peripherals in computers, such as hard drives, CD drives, and floppy drives.

“IC Socket.”

Connector Devices would offer you the best quality IC sockets which would prevent damage to ICs caused by soldering IC chips directly to the circuit board. Instead, the more durable IC sockets are soldered to the board and the chip is simply inserted into the socket. IC sockets allow ICs to be inserted and removed easily.IC sockets are important as they enable you to remove or interchange the components without damaging them. This also protects the IC from potential heat damage caused by soldering.

“Solar Panel Connector.”

Solar panel connectors are PV (Photovoltaic) connectors that meet MC's standards. MC4 Solar connectors are mainly used in the solar field and are usually used to connect solar panels. With the solar connector, we can push the connectors of adjacent solar panels together by hand, thus quickly constructing a string of panels. To accommodate a broader range of installation environments, we, Connector Devices also offer MC4 Branch connectors..

“Mini Din.”

Mini-DIN is of standards of the Deutsches Institute für Normung, the German standards body. A DIN connector encompasses several types of cables that plug into an interface to connect devices. It has an architecture that is composed of multiple pins that are within a protective circular sheath. We, Connector Devices offer DIN Connectors from 3 to 9 pins. In computer electronics, the DIN connector is referred to as a circular connector that is DIN standardized and used for digital interfaces like the musical instrument digital interface (MIDI), the IBM AT computer keyboard or mouse, and in analog video architectures etc.

“Battery Holder.”

Connector Devices offers you battery holders of different types like the Dip type, V/T types etc. A battery holder is one or more compartments or chambers for holding a battery. The primary function of a battery holder is to keep cells fixed in place safely and securely while conveying power from the batteries to the device in question. External connections on battery holders are most often made by contacts either with pins, surface mount feet, soldered lugs or via a set of wire leads.

“Box Header.”

Box headers are widely used for board to board, or wire to board connections. A male connector having exposed pins surrounded by side walls which are moulded onto a plastic base. Headers are produced in either single row or double rows having a minimum of two pins. Connector Devices offers right angle and vertical pin box headers.

“Shrouded Header.”

A shrouded header is a female part of the box header than goes into the box header affording full protection during handling, assembly, connecting and disconnecting. Connector Devices offers Shrouded headers of small latch type and big latch type which ensures proper locking of it. These headers are connectors that provide an ejector mechanism for easy connects and disconnects. These connectors are also polarized making it impossible to incorrectly plug in the mating connector during the connection process.

“Berg Strip.”

Berg Strip is a commonly found connector in all kind of circuit boards. It is also called as Berg Stick because of its stick like structure. Berg Strip is designed by the Berg Electronics Corporation at Missouri. The Berg Strip is very light and compact and it can be easily assembled to a circuit board. Connector Devices offers a wide range of berg strip varying from the number of pins as well as in single and double row.


A USB port is a standard cable connection interface for personal computers and consumer electronics devices. USB stands for Universal Serial Bus, an industry standard for short-distance digital data communications. USB ports allow USB devices to be connected to each other with and transfer digital data over USB cables..

“USB-A Type.”

This is the standard connector, found on one end of almost every USB cable. It’s a rectangular connector that only fits in one way. You’ll find several USB-A ports on virtually every desktop computer and laptop. Many TVs, game systems, cars, media players, and other devices have one or more, too..


This is an older connector that’s not used nearly as often nowadays. It’s almost square at one end, and usually plugs into a printer or similar device. Other than these uses, it’s been largely overtaken by the newer standards below..


As the name suggests, this is a smaller connection type that’s good for mobile devices. It’s been largely superseded by micro-USB, but you’ll still find it on some cameras, MP3 players, and other such devices..


This is a tiny connector that’s popular on all kinds of portable devices. Everything from Android phones to external battery packs to Bluetooth headphones uses a micro-USB port. However, some smartphones have moved onto the newer USB-C port..


This is the newest USB standard. Unlike older cables, which usually have USB-A on one end and another type on the other, USB-C can connect two devices that both have USB-C ports. Also different from the above types, it’s reversible. USB-C is slowly being adopted by device manufacturers. Many newer Android phones, like the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Google Pixel devices, use USB-C.

“PLCC Socket.”

Connector Devices offers PLCC socket of best quality. Plastic Leaded Chip Carrier (PLCC) is a low profile, thin four-wall socket built in a plastic housing used to encase integrated circuit chips. The standard pin spacing of 1.27mm on the PLCC is designed for standard chips which has the same spacing size. PLCC is suitable for use in a variety of device types, including memory, processors, controllers and particularly common for read-only memories as it provides an easily swappable socketed chip. Applications range from consumer products through automotive and aerospace.

“DIP Switch.”

Connector Devices provides DIP switches of the best quality.It is an electromechanical device requiring a user to manually move the actuator so that a different electronic circuit is activated or deactivated. Commonly mounted on a PCB or breadboard, DIP switches allow users to quickly preconfigure or toggle an electronic device between a variety of settings or operating modes. DIP switches are an alternative to jumper blocks. Their main advantages are that they are quicker to change and there are no parts to lose.

“Wafer Connectors.”

Connector Devices offers Wafer connectors are very similar to headers. These connectors are polarized which means you can’t plug the mating connector in the wrong way. The male connector is attached to your PCB, while the female is attached to a wire cable. The female connector is crimped on, so no soldering is required. The pin spacing is the same as headers, so they are compatible with each other. Housing are generally made of only plastic parts (some have metal parts), which are assembled with wire and terminal wafer.

“Zif Socket.”

Connector Devices offers Zero insertion force (ZIF) is a type of IC socket or electrical connector that requires very little force for insertion. With a ZIF socket, before the IC is inserted, a lever or slider on the side of the socket is moved, pushing all the sprung contacts apart so that the IC can be inserted with very little force - generally the weight of the IC itself is sufficient and no external downward force is required. The lever is then moved back, allowing the contacts to close and grip the pins of the IC.

“PCB Connectors : Wire to Board.”

Wires to board connectors are those connectors which connects a wire to a printed circuit board (PCB), enabling connectivity between circuits. Manufactured for flexibility and reliability, Connector Devices offers wire-to-board connectors in various pins and of different pitches as well as in the straight and right angle form and of the best quality.

“Wire to Wire .”

Wires to wire connectors are those connectors which connects a wire to another wire, enabling connectivity between circuits. Manufactured for flexibility and reliability, Connector Devices offers wire-to-board connectors in various pins and of different pitches as well as in the straight and right angle form and of the best quality.

“SMA Connectors.”

The SMA connector is a sub-miniature coaxial cable connector and it takes its name from the words Sub-Miniature A connector. The SMA connector is a semi-precision sub-miniature RF and microwave connector that is extensively used, especially for RF connections within electronic systems for frequencies up to 18 GHz and sometimes more. Connector Devices offers SMA connector in a variety of formats, male, female, straight, right-angled, bulkhead fitting and many more enabling it to meet most requirements. Its sub-miniature size also enables it to be used, even within relatively small items of electronic equipment.

“SIM Card Holder.”

SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) is a small smart card for storing user identity and personal information, ensuring user security and authentication, which is often used in mobile network terminals. In order to ensure that power and electrical signals are "uninterrupted", "unchanged" and "non-attenuated", contact reliability technology is particularly important. With excellent technical capability, the SIM Card Connectors provided by Connector Devices have excellent reliability and durability, and are available in a wide range of types and sizes, including Nano SIM (4FF SIM) Card /Micro SIM(3FF SIM) Card /SIM(2FF SIM) Card.

“Cable Glands.”

A cable gland is a device that attaches to the end of an electrical cable to secure it to a piece of equipment. Cable glands are also commonly referred to as cable connectors, cable fittings, cord grips, and cable strain reliefs. Cable glands perform a number of essential roles in cable management. Designed to attach and secure the end of an electric cable and the device it's connected to, cable glands provide grounding, insulation, bonding and strain relief. Connector Devices offers cable glands of different materials like nylon and metal and ranging from PG 7 to PG 63.